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ProFlex for Full Depth Reclamation

Road Recyclers’ ProFLEX base stabilization system is designed to improve the quality of virgin base versus base material stabilized with traditional emulsions or calcium-based additives such as cement and fly ash, while also reducing costs.


Held to a rigorous standard of laboratory mix design and field QC/QA.

FDR always requires a surface treatment.  The appropriate treatment may be determined by the mix design.

Simultaneously rehabilitates both the base and asphalt layers of a distressed roadway, resulting in a new, stabilized base material. 

The use of ProFlex results in up to 50% less freight and truck changes.


The resulting base material is cost effective versus reconstruction. Our method is also cost effective versus traditional emulsion-stabilized FDR methods.


Unlike traditional emulsion-stabilized FDR methods, the Road Recyclers' method rarely requires additional additives such as cement.


Processed material may be opened to traffic the same day as produced, eliminating the need for overnight traffic control.

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