Road Recyclers sprang from a customer need:

High quality in a commodity world.

Our Story

Founded in 2009 by Shane McDade, Road Recyclers began as a fee for service quality control and analysis consultancy for various roadway projects and contractors.

The company quickly evolved beyond its origins into a product development and distribution company, as “on the ground” analysis led to product improvement ideas.  Specifically, asphalt emulsion and binder formulations were developed that led to a variety of product improvements and market expansion. 

Currently, Road Recyclers works with some of the largest contractors, DOTs and roadway material suppliers in the world, developing and selling products for their use. 

Our Values

  • True environmental and economic impact

  • Customer and Quality Centricity

  • Adaptability through innovative product platforms

Our Founder

Road Recyclers was founded by Shane McDade, who spent several years in road construction and technical capacities related to specialty road materials.  

Shane's intense focus on customer satisfaction and high quality road outcomes led him to focus his energies on making better products that compete on both high quality and cost savings, offering benefits for contractors, DOTs, and the general public.